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“The less we have, the more we give. Seems absurd,

but it's the logic of love.”

(St. Teresa of Calcutta)

Are you going to celebrate the sacrament of marriage in a Church?

It is not merely a ceremony in a church, – said Pope Francis during a General Audience - with flowers, a dress, photographs .... Christian marriage is a sacrament that takes place in the Church, and which also makes the Church, by giving rise to a new family community.”.

To allow the whole assembly to participate better in the celebration (perhaps even singing), it is very useful to distribute to everyone the booklet. It will be of help especially to those who are not accustomed to participating in the Eucharist. Someone may want to keep it as a reminder of this special event. It will be a further sign of your particular attention to your relatives and friends: you do not want them to "attend" to your joy but that they feel fully involved !

I also want to show you my special attention by offering you an "extra"!

Yes, dear future spouses, if requested in time, I can help you prepare your booklet following the new Wedding Rite of the Italian Bishops' Conference.
Remember, however, that there is no "preprinted" text: it is important that you talk about it, and with the priest who will celebrate the Mass, to choose the readings, the Gospel, the prayers, the chants, and the other texts that will be included in your booklet .

How does it work?

I will send you a draft, pointing to the texts which should be chosen by you. After you send all the necessary items, you will receive a second draft that will only be printed after your approval.
Style, design, ... we will talk about it together.

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